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A definitive figure within French music, Joakim has spent his entire category-defying career exploring multiple facets of sound and musical production. His extensive body of work lies at the intersection of music, art and fashion. Informed by his background in classical piano, Joakim is one of the great experimental artists who has one foot in the Avant-Garde and another in the stream of the Pop world. Joakim has unquestionably left his mark on electronic music, modernizing and hybridizing it, while tracing his own path without concern for schools or genres, be it techno, krautrock, ambient, post punk or anything in between.

Working as a musician, producer, mixer, DJ and notorious remixer, Joakim is the founder of Tigersushi Records and Crowdspacer. He has produced or mixed music for artists such as DJ Tennis, Poni Hoax, Juveniles, Zombie Zombie, Montevideo, Apollo Noir, and many others. Joakim has remixed artists such as Charlotte Gainsbourg, Air, Goldfrapp, Cut Copy, Robyn, Isabel Antena and many others, transforming Pop tracks into crossover underground dance hits. Joakim has also contributed to labels such as Versatile, Life & Death, Permanent Vacation, Vinyl Factory... Currently, his recording studio in Paris is a living museum of sound machines and analogue instruments that are the dreams of any audiophile.

Joakim has multiple solo albums under his belt including: “Fantômes” as his deviant electronica debut in 2003; the sunny and melancholic album “Nothing Gold” (2011); the cerebral post punk of “Monsters & Silly Songs” (2006); or the critically acclaimed “Samurai” (2017) with its dreamy atmosphere and lush textures. His most recent album “The Studio Venezia Sessions” (2018) was recorded at Xavier Veilhan’s bizarre musical installation for the 57th Venice Biennale in 2017. He is currently preparing a new album about the nature/culture western concept that will be released as an immersive listening experience in 2021.

Joakim’s sensitive tendrils reach out into the periphery of what is known, connecting all parts of the musical process. His in-depth encyclopedic knowledge of music and its surrounding discourses allows him to enter other cultural worlds. His music installations, soundtracks, and performances made in collaboration with artists such as Camille Henrot or Xavier Veilhan have been shown in prestigious cultural institutions like the MOMA, Palais de Tokyo and the Hammer Museum. Joakim’s visual artworks has been exhibited at Gwangju Biennale and at the Centro Pecci. A self-taught graphic designer, he designed all of his record covers and most of the cover art for Tigersushi and Crowdspacer. His musical production has also reached the fashion world, with Joakim collaborating with luxury brands such as Chanel, Valentino, Balenciaga, Margiela or Hermes.

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